How one NYP is formed?

1. Process off documentation
2. Like minded youth, committed for any social cause i.e., Plantation, Blood Donation, Cleanliness drive, believe in peace & harmony and strong stand for sustainability can form a group of 20 people can apply to secretary NYP for unit registration recommended by state in-charge of NYP or any senior Grade-B/A member of that state.

Core values of unit:

Ek Ghanta Desh ko, Ek ghanta Deh ko. One hour for nation and one hour for health.

Should have respect for all religion, they must have feeling of Patriotism. They must work for knowledge change, attitude change, behaviour change, believe change & character change. Must also believe in Gandhian Philosophy.

Remarkable Achievement of various unit of India:

1. After Manipur violence 100’s active NYP unit of India organised peace rally followed by all religion prayer.

2. All unit’s member of Bihar state organised Bhaijee Sandesh Sadbhawana Yatra from 2nd Oct – 25th Oct 2023 followed by national champ on the eve of 2nd death anniversary of Bhaijee.

3. After the demise of Bhaijee NYP Punjab organised National Childrens festival to realise the mission of Dr.S.N.Subba Rao Ji.